The World's Leading Forest Management Platform

Take control of your forest at any time, from anywhere

Take control of your forest.
Mobile access to all your data

Bring it all together!
End to end solution, from seed to sale

Don't miss a thing!
All your information displayed in a map

  • Plan your forest activities effortlessly
  • Move to efficient management control
  • Share your information with your contractors and clients
  • Optimize your response to the changing conditions of your forest, as they happen
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Leading edge technology to measure your forest.

Powerful analytics to get the most from your forest.

Pioneering TLS for Forestry

Field Inventory Made Easy.
Supporting traditional measurement tools and laser scanning

Reduce sample size, increase efficiency

Powerful analytics to get the most from your forest

Accurate results of your forest assets

Automated tree analysis using TLS

  • Reduce the cost of your forest inventory.
  • Use Earth Observation to reduces cost and improve accuracy.
  • Hands-free mobile app to empower your field teams
  • The only solution that supports Terrestrial Laser Scanning for forest inventory.
  • Transfer your data safely from the field to the cloud.
  • Distribution maps and automated reports to impress your costumers.
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Streamlined data collection and analysis at your fingertips.

Connect your forest to the Internet of Trees!

Simplify navigation and the bridge the gap between the harvesting machine and the office.

Seamlessly collect and send your data from the cab to the cloud

Geofencing to warn against trepassing and hazards

Keep track of your timber as it goes to roadside

Monitor your manual harvesting with our mobile app

  • Don't wait days for your harvesting production data, get it in Real-Time.
  • Digital maps and geofencing keeps machine navigation through the forest straightforward.
  • Satellite and GPRS is used to ensure communications in the most extreme forest conditions.
  • Monitor your forwarded timber, arrange mill transport more effectively.
  • This system system is highly recommended by harvester drivers and managers.
  • Monitor your manual harvesting with our mobile app
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