Why ForestHQ?

Why should you use ForestHQ? See what our customers have to say.

Ease of Use

Since 2005, Treemetrtics has been serving the forest industry with specific solutions to address the key issues that forest owners, foresters and managers face every day. ForestHQ is a effective and intuitive web application designed by foresters to easily manage and monitor your forest resources and operations.

All your information is now stored in a central database accessible anywhere and anytime through a web interface. ForestHQ easily integrates your different sources of information including field inventories, management plans, clients directory, forest operations and, timber valuation and simulations. You can now easily share information with your forest manager, clients and staff in a remote and standardized fashion.

Resource Efficiency

Manage limited resources in a sustainable manner while minimising impacts on the environment is not always easy. This required a clear knowledge of your forest and a clever organisation of your resources. ForestHQ is a collaborative solution that integrates all your sources of information and keep them up-to-date with real time connections to inventory teams and harvesters.

Update information and clever analytic allows ForestHQ to create more with less and to deliver greater value with less input.

ForestHQ supports more informed decision making, for greater efficiency and profitability. Share projects across teams to communicate and work more effectively.

Remote Monitoring and Security

Getting up-to-date information from multiple harvesting operations is not always easy. Deploying personnel in the field is costly and production data is usually not available when quick decisions are required. Forest HQ will provide you with real-time locations of all your harvesting machines and real-time production data i.e. the actual timber products and volumes as they are cut in the field. In this way your harvesting managers can be more efficient, control several operations and address the issues armed with better information.

All our communications are secure and protected in line with international standards and the data is encrypted to ensure your data is always protected.

Integrated and Collaborative

Several sources and people are required to get a substantial information of the forest resources. These include field inventories, maps from the GIS department, client data, harvesting information, public databases, financial information, etc. With so many people involved in gathering and generating information is hard to get all this data accessible. ForestHQ is a collaborative system that aggregates data form different users and sources, integrating connections with mobile devices in the field, online map editing, real-time harvesting information and task management. This is a great way to monitor forest resources and traceability of data.