Forest Carbon

Forest Carbon

Step into the future of carbon measurement with ForestHQ. Unlock a new level of carbon monitoring, reporting and GHG removal quantification with our advanced system.

– Support for REDD+ and Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU) projects.

– Methodologies approved by leading carbon standards.

– Effortless data collection and carbon quantification.

– Increased transparency, traceability and consistency in carbon stock measurement.

– Dynamic carbon monitoring with temporal capabilities.

– Easy-to-read digital maps and comprehensive valuation reports.

Carbon Quantification

– Easy quantification of the forest carbon storage and removals

– Get the most accurate results with local biophysical models tailored to different tree species.

– Access to satellite data with different resolution 

– Ground truthing through field stratification and collection of field inventory data

– Ensure accuracy and transparency of your data.

– Track growth and changes with ease using local biophysical models.

Forest Carbon Monitoring

– Get a birds-eye view with high-resolution satellite data.

– Analyze images like a pro with our image processing techniques.

– Analyze deforestation trends in real-time.

– Stay ahead of potential risks, such as fire and pests.

– Comprehensive risk management system.

– Historical analysis of forest changes

– Annual forest area status checks from remote sensing

– Early warnings of any potential risks, such as fire or deforestation.


– Easy generation of reports with seamless digital reporting. 

– Generate reports that are compliant with most carbon certification standards.

– Create custom forms and checklist

– Generate regular reports on changes in carbon stocks.